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      1. The Greatest Name

        Bahá’u’lláh Prophet-Founder of the Bahá’í Faith – lists certain events in the life of the prophet; lists aspects of His life such as His dispensation, sufferings, writings; also lists His triumphs.  Download PDF

      2. Bahá’u’lláh Timeline – 3 pages: has references; lists the dates and circumstances of some significant events in the lives of Bahá’u’lláh and the Báb; taken from the “Basic Bahá’i Chronology” by Glenn Cameron & Wendi Momen, George Ronald, Oxford, 1996. Download PDF

      3. Bahá’í Faith Timeline – 1 page summary of elements of the faith, including: principles, laws & obligations, administrative order, central figures, timeline. Download PDF

      4. Aspects of Manifestations – my list of observed characteristics of the manifestations of God.  Download PDF

      5. Unfoldment of the Bahá’í Faith – 3 pages: a chart copied from the American Bahá’í newspaper showing the progress of the Faith in epochs, development plans and stages, from the beginning to 1996. Download PDF

      6. Tablets & Rulers – 5 pages: outlines of information about Bahá’u’lláh’s proclamations to the people and rulers of the world; not the actual contents of the Tablets themselves. Download PDF

      7. Progressive Revelation – Page one: chart linking the nine revealed religions. Page two: short summaries of the beliefs of the revealed religions. Page three: list of some prominent sects of the various religions. Download PDF

      8. Biblical Prophecies – 2 pages: lists Bible prophecies with explanations of how they have been fulfilled by the Bahá’í Faith; has a chart of the Biblical timeline for the return of Christ in 1844. Download PDF

      9. Historical Outline of Islám – Lists historical events of Islamic history; includes definitions of some terms. Download PDF

      10. Historical Outline of Christianity – Lists historical events of Christianity. Download PDF

      11. Old World Order vs. New World Order – 2 pages: examines possible concepts of the old/new world order; describes characteristics of the evolving modern world. Download PDF

      12. Fireside Guidelines – suggestions for having a successful fireside; speakers should be given, in advance, the time, place, topic, length of time for their talk, and some idea about the audience. Download PDF

      13. International Auxiliary Languages – 4 pages: ideas about the establishment of an international auxiliary language, including information about Lidia Zamenhof. Download PDF

      14. Book of Revelation & Bahá’í – 3 pages: explanations of concepts in the Christian Book of Revelation related to the Bahá’í Faith. Download PDF

      15. Revelation & Islam – 5 pages: gives possible explanations of the Book of Revelation from a Bahá’í perspective, showing the fulfillment of prophecy by Islam and the Bahá’í Faith. Download PDF

      16. American-Persian Customs – 20 pages: an attempt to examine and explain the cultural behaviors of Persians and Americans in an attempt to further understanding between the two groups; this is an attempt to stimulate debate so that people can better understand each other. Download PDF
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